Expert Health Support for the Performing Arts

We Deliver Expert health and wellbeing services for those working in the performing arts

BAPAM Can Help You

BAPAM are clinical experts helping all those working and studing in the performing arts prevent and overcome work and practice-related physical and mental health problems.

We are a specialist medical charity providing free clinics, resources and training workshops, which are available to performing artists and creators, production crew and backstage workers.

If you make a proportion of your living from, or study in the performing arts, we can help you. We advise workers and students including musicians, actors, dancers, singers, technicians, producers, DJs, stage managers and a wide range of creative practitioners.

BAPAM clinicians know what it takes to develop and sustain a creative career and are experts at helping you solve health problems.

We Provide the Following Services

Free Clinics

Our expert clinicians understand the demands of a performing arts career and can help you with physical and mental health problems related to your creative practice.

Healthy Practice Training & Workshops

Our free training workshops and talks focus on essential skills for health sustainable creative practice. Most sessions are delivered online as free webinars.


BAPAM Directory of Practitioners

We maintain a list of clinical specialists and practitioners in many branches of healthcare who have experience helping people working in the performing arts.


Health Resources and Factsheets

We are dedicated to sharing knowledge to help you stay well, manage health problems and sustain your career and creativity. Find our information resource hub here.


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BAPAM is a Registered Charity No. 1167785
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British Association for Performing Arts Medicine
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