Health Resources


BAPAM Welcome Pack

An introduction to key health skills and available support, including our Healthy Practice Checklist

Performance Health: A Guide for Instrumentalists

Don't Cramp Your Style: Warm Up Exercises for Musicians

Fit to Sing

Vocal health is about mind and body as well as voice

Vocal Health Care and Referral Recommendations

How and why to seek specialist clinical assessment for vocal health problems

Hearing Health

Prevent and manage hearing problems


Mental Health Support in a Crisis

Sources of immediate help

Psychological Self-Care

Keep mentally healthy, enhance your well-being and achieve your goals

Managing Performance Anxiety

Causes and symptoms of performance anxiety (stage fright) and expert advice to help manage it

Performance Anxiety Poster

Tips for managing anxiety in the moments before going onstage

Choosing a Psychotherapist or Counsellor

Patient Information: Mental Health Support at BAPAM

Discharge from BAPAM Mental Health Services and Further Accessible Support

The Drinks are On Me

How do you manage stress, and how can you spot the signs of a drink problem? 

Managing Social Media

Top tips for keeping well while using social media to your advantage

Dietary Advice for Performance Professionals

Finding a healthy balance with the food you eat

Musician's Focal Dystonia

Guidance on symptoms, possible risk factors and management


Hypermobility in the Performing Arts

The Healthy Pianist

Essential advice for piano and keyboard players

Healthy Practice Diary

Set health goals and embed healthy practice as part of your daily routine


Healthy Touring Checklist and Rider

Planning for a healthy tour


Sources of Financial and Practical Support

Organisations who may fund specialist health care and provide other support


Risk Assessment for freelancers returning to work during covid 19

Freelancers should do their own risk assessment of working environments

Guidance for Healthcare and Performing Arts

Organisations and Practitioners:

Mental Health and Wellbeing Services for Performing Artists: Guidance for the Performing Arts Sector

Hearing Conservation Guidance for the Performing Arts

Clinical Governance Toolkit

Guidance for organisations and individuals who need to ensure quality of clinical services and safeguard high standards of care

BAPAM Vocal Rehabilitation Coach Competencies

BAPAM Approved Vocal Rehabilitation Coaches must meet these competency criteria

Educators Code of Practice

Professional standards for educators working with clinical practitioners (includes Vocal Rehabilitation Coaches)


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