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On stage, backstage, on set, in the studio, teaching, on tour, at college – if you have a health problem related to your work or study in performing arts, BAPAM can help.

We are a specialist charity, funded by the industry and individual donations, to provide clinical support to all those working full or part time, or studying, in the performing arts. We provide free, expert health services and play a vital role in supporting healthy careers.

BAPAM’s expert clinical team provide assessment and advice on physical injuries and pain, voice problems, work-related mental health concerns and worries about your hearing. We support you in overcoming problems quickly, with accurate diagnosis and advice, and help you navigate an effective care pathway.

Medical advice is accessible anywhere in the UK online or by telephone. Face to face clinical consultations are available in Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Gateshead, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

The BAPAM team can advise about other financial and practical support to help with health problems affecting your work or studies, and we work in partnership with organisations including Help Musicians, PPL, Equity, the PRS Members’ Fund, the Musicians’ Union, Equity Charitable Trust, and the Royal Society of Musicians.

BAPAM is a registered charity and a Care Quality Commission-regulated healthcare provider.

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BAPAM is a Registered Charity No. 1167785
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