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In the performing arts, knowing how to look after your health is as important as your creative and technical skill.


70-80% of people in the creative industries will have a health problem which impacts their career. Achieving your potential depends on building in health routines right from the start, and on getting expert help to overcome problems quickly.

Established 30 years ago, BAPAM is the largest provider of Performing Arts Medicine in the UK with coverage across the four nations. We are a specialist charity funded by the performing arts industry to provide free clinical assessments for people with health problems affecting their performing arts practice.

To help you maintain health, prevent problems and perform at your best, we also share essential skills in free online healthy practice training sessions.

Here are some examples of issues that people call us about:

  • I feel anxious or depressed
  • I get performance anxiety
  • I have pain which stops me playing as I used to
  • Parts of my body which I need to play my instrument aren’t working as they did
  • I am not reaching my full vocal range anymore
  • I am struggling to hear
  • I’ve just had to take a break from my work with illness and I don’t know when I should start practising again

If you have a mental or physical health problem affecting your work or study in the performing arts, contact us to book in for a free consultation with one of our expert clinicians.

Call us on 020 8167 4775 or email us at

This resource is also available as a printable pdf: Download here

BAPAM Welcome Pack - How healthy is your practice?
Try our healthy practice checklist to see how you are doing.

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