Fiona Butterworth

Services, therapies, and modalities
Music / arts / performance health, Hearing
Regions Covered
London, Central London
Regent's Park, Oxford Circus
MSc Audiology with Clinical Placement, University of Southampton, 2016-2018, BSc Acoustics and Music, University of Southampton, 2013-2016
Registration, insurance and DBS checks
Current professional registration, insurance and DBS confirmed
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Fiona Butterworth is a senior clinical audiologist and hearing aid dispenser. She studied at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (part of the University of Southampton), completing a joint honours undergraduate degree in acoustical engineering and music before starting her masters in audiology. She has a varied clinical workload including selection, fitting and fine tuning of hearing technology specifically for musicians.

Keeping up her musical endeavours in her spare time, Fiona is keen to use her own experiences to inform her work, and is continually broadening her understanding of how hearing, hearing aids, and music are linked. Fiona has given presentations to several London orchestras and organisations in addition to speaking at a number of conferences, raising awareness and educating on the importance of using hearing protection within all musical environments.

Fiona provides hearing tests and other diagnostic testing, wax removal, hearing aid assessments, hearing aid fittings and follow ups, hearing protection. She can help with issues relating to hearing loss, wax removal, noise exposure and provision of hearing protection, tinnitus, and diplacusis.