Josephine Halsall

Broad Category:
Services, therapies, and modalities:
Music / arts / performance health, Dance medicine and healthcare, Exercise, Hypermobility / EDS management, LMT Laryngeal Manual Therapy / Vocal Massage, Singers and professional voice users
Regions Covered:
London, North London
Diploma in Osteopathy 1994
London, Finchley
020 8922 6622
07958 348 306

I am an Osteopath inspired by the voice and experienced helping professional voice users overcome issues related to misuse and injuries. As an Osteopath with nearly thirty years of experience, as well as being a trained opera singer, I have the skill, insight and understanding to help performing artists including singers, actors and dancers. I can help with voice problems including hoarseness, loss of vocal range, vocal fatigue and muscle tension dysphonia. I am experienced with shoulder issues as well as more typical issues such as back and neck pain, knee injuries, foot injuries, ACL injuries, mobility issues that osteopaths are trained to treat. I also have special interests in hypermobility and in hip impingement issues (cam and pincer) and have worked in facilitating diagnosis of labral tears and rehabilitating patients post operatively following hip arthroscopy intervention. Labral tears are often missed, especially in the hypermobile population, who may be more likely to experience impingement due to their increased range of movement, especially if they are dancers or acrobats and routinely flex their hip joints to the extreme.