Each individual has their own health needs, and everyone’s ‘own best health’ differs. Within this spectrum of health, as an artist and performer, maintaining your personal optimal condition is essential to giving your best performance. Looking after your mind and body allows you to tackle those long studio hours, complex routines, and upcoming gigs while feeling positive.

However, many artists don’t check in on their mental or physical health until they feel unwell. Ignoring your health until you can’t perform means you’re not adopting healthy habits to prevent problems and boost creativity. Not all ill health can be avoided, but many of the performance-related problems we help with at BAPAM could be prevented by adopting simple strategies. Checking in with your body is one way to build defences against potential troubles.

How To Check In With Your Health

Checking in with your health is a critical practice. But what does it mean?

“Checking in” or monitoring your health is the process of examining your physical and mental health for any issues. This way, you catch any problems early.

Ways to check in with your health include:

  • Looking at changes to your energy, appetite, sleep, or weight
  • Checking vital signs
  • Reviewing your diet and focusing on healthy foods
  • Making appointments with healthcare providers
  • Attending screenings/preventative care appointments


Benefits of Checking In With Your Health

Taking time to monitor your health offers endless positives to performance professionals. From preventing burnout to helping you develop a sustainable attitude, your life and career will benefit from the extra health attention.

Other benefits include:

  • Creating ongoing health practices to improve your health and well-being over time
  • Building a sustainable career and achieving your goals
  • Empowerment and confidence in your health
  • More understanding of your health and better productivity
  • Preventing physical and mental health issues
  • Better self-care practices


Taking Control of Your Health

Dedicating time to check in with your health allows you to take control of your overall well-being. Once you put your wellness first, you step towards a more mentally and physically healthy you. Remember, performing always feels better when you’re looking after yourself, so get started today.

Need help figuring out where to start? See our Welcome Pack to find out how healthy your practice is. Or jump to our Health Resources to find relevant tools for your performing niche.