Supporting Performing Arts Health Research

As the largest provider of performing arts medicine in the UK, BAPAM has built a bank of expertise and data from over 10,000 patient consultations, which can be used for research in accordance with patient consent and data protection regulation. We actively promote partnership with academic institutions to further research which can enhance our understanding of prevention and treatment for performing arts health. 

We have a strong partnership with UCL through the Performing Arts Medicine MSc Programme, which we were instrumental in helping to establish, and the course leader, Dr Hara Trouli, is a BAPAM clinician and Trustee. Students conducting research can work with BAPAM as part of an approved research project.

The Centre for Performance Science is a collaboration between the Royal College of Music and Imperial College London. The Centre’s Director, Professor Aaron Williamon, is also a Trustee of BAPAM. This has led to a collaborative PhD with BAPAM. PhD student, Michael Durrant works with BAPAM to conduct research into health promotion in the performing arts.

As our Director is a member of the steering group of the Healthy Conservatoires Network, we connect with many of the top researchers in this area across the UK and internationally and BAPAM has been delighted to be a partner on research bids in this area.

We welcome discussion regarding research partnerships and are keen for our unique knowledge and experience to be used to contribute to the development of new evidence about the health of performing artists. We are also able to share information about suitable research projects throughout an extensive network of creative practitioners, healthcare professionals, educators and industry organisations. 

To contact us about performing arts health research please email or call us and speak to BAPAM Director, Claire Cordeaux, or Senior Manager for Special Projects, Dan Hayhurst.


Research Articles

Stage Fright, Well-being and Recovery Survey Results

Stage Fright, Well-being and Recovery Survey Results

We had a fantastic response to our request for help with Danica Giles’ Stage Fright and Well-being Survey. Huge thanks to all the performers who took part – 260 in all, of whom 167 were BAPAM patients! This summary of the results of the study contains some demographic...

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Research Report 2009 – 2011

Research Report 2009 – 2011

BAPAM’s mission is to achieve a healthy performance environment for all performing artists through high quality and effective specialist health care, health promotion strategies, and professional development and training in Performing Arts Medicine for health care...

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Classical Musicians’ Well-being Survey

Classical Musicians’ Well-being Survey

Simone Willis, a Performance Science researcher, is conducting an online survey with professional and conservatoire classical musicians about the workplace stressors musicians encounter, coping behaviours and the impact on well-being. The work is part of Simone’s PhD...

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