Ideal for displaying backstage, BAPAM’s performance anxiety poster shares tips for managing anxiety in the moments before going onstage.

About to go on stage and feeling anxious, sick, or have shaky hands?

Right now… focus on your breath. Box Breathing can Help Manage Stress in the Moment

  • Now focus your attention on something outside yourself
  • Talk to yourself positively e.g. “I can’t wait for them to see the show”
  • Visualise your successful performance – how will you be standing, sitting or moving? Copy this posture now
  • March on the spot, shake out your muscles or jump up and down if that helps

Performance anxiety is very common and there are lots of tried and tested strategies to manage it. Tomorrow, after the show, check out some resources such as our free factsheets and free healthy practice training sessions.

If you think further mental health support from BAPAM might help, find out more here.


Performance anxiety poster shows box breathing exercise