Most performers and many other workers in the performing arts are freelance and will be working in many different environments as we return to work following the COVID-19 lockdown. The environment you will be working in will be doing their own risk assessment, but if you are a freelancer, you should be doing your own. Thanks to our expert occupational health doctors at BAPAM, and in particular, Dr Finola Ryan, we have published a risk assessment template for freelance performers which we hope will be helpful in considering any risks in returning to work.

Download Risk Assessment for freelance performers returning to work during COVID-19 (Updated June 23, 2021)

We also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions which cover some of the key issues, but if you have other queries, please email them to with the subject Risk Assessment and we will put them to our team of experts and publish them.

The UK Government have issued specific guidance for the performing arts sector:

If you are an employer, a workplace or contract performers and would like support from BAPAM’s Occupational Health service, please contact