Participants invited to take part in survey

Anna Detari is a professional flautist and PhD researcher at the University of York, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Her research primarily looks at the previously unexplored links between psychosocial and behavioural factors and performance-related problems in musicians. This includes the debilitating task-specific movement disorder, Musician’s Focal Dystonia (MFD) and musculoskeletal injuries and pain.

There are two versions of the survey. Please complete the version that is relevant to you:

The first is for musicians from all backgrounds, with or without performance-related issues, and is available through this link:

The other has been developed specifically for musicians suffering from Musician’s Focal Dystonia, and is available through this link:

The research has a dual goal, firstly, to gain a better understanding and a broader view of these serious problems which affect a large proportion of the musician population. Secondly, to use the findings to inform the development of new treatment and preventative strategies.

This project has Research Ethics Committee approval from the University of York.