Researcher Lisa Wetzlmair is studying Cardiovascular and pulmonary disease risk, health beliefs and knowledge among performing musicians and music students. She is hoping this demographic can help support the study by taking part in an online survey which has ethics approval from The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.


Reason for the research


“Based on findings from literature, professional musicians and music students have higher heart rates during their performances. We are therefore interested what musicians’ and students’ perception of their health and knowledge about cardiovascular diseases is. This should help us to develop future health education and promotion interventions for musicians.”


Participants of the questionnaire will be asked general questions about physical health, knowledge on and beliefs about heart diseases and their perceived risk of getting a heart disease. The questionnaire is limited to people who earn most of their income as a musician or are educating themselves to become a professional musician (i.e. students).

It will need approximately 15 minutes to answer and remains anonymous. The results of the questionnaire will be used to better understand, address, and prevent heart diseases among professional musicians and music students.

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