Physio Ed Medical

Services, therapies, and modalities
Music / arts / performance health, Circus health, Dance medicine and healthcare, Exercise, LMT Laryngeal Manual Therapy / Vocal Massage, Singers and professional voice users, Technique / ergonomics / posture / instruments / props / equipment
Regions Covered
London, Central London, North London, Online/Telephone/Remote
London, Belsize Park
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Physio Ed Medical was established in 2004 to provide professional physiotherapy services to the general public and entertainment industry. The clinic specialises in manual therapy techniques which optimise and accelerate injury recovery.

A large gym and rehabilitation space are available for specialist rehabilitation needs.

Specialist physiotherapy services are provided for all dance, sport and general musculoskeletal injuries. Physio Ed Medical are renowned for their work with the entertainment industry, particularly stage, music and television, and for vocal physiotherapy for both professional and amateur voice users.

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