Jennifer Parr

Broad Category
Services, therapies, and modalities
Music / arts / performance health, Focal dystonia management, Splints / Splinting, Technique / ergonomics / posture / instruments / props / equipment
Regions Covered
London, Central London
London, Online
Bsc Hons Physiotherapy, AACP - Acupuncture, CSP, BAHT
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Current professional registration, insurance and DBS confirmed
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Jennifer Parr is a Hand Therapist with experience in treating acute trauma, surgical and long term conditions affecting the hand and upper limb. Jennifer has spent much her career working for the NHS where she completed her junior core rotations and moved into a role as a specialist physiotherapist in hand therapy. "It is highly rewarding to be a part of clients journey back to a full recovery, whether that is use of exercise and education, splinting to immobilise the painful joints, or post-operative wound and scar care".

Jennifer can help with issues including tenosynovitis, trigger finger, De Quervain's tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, thumb osteoarthritis and focal dystonia. She offers services and therapies in manual therapy, splinting, home exercise, performance technique, ergonomics, modification and wax therapy.

As a child/young adult Jennifer played piano, cello and violin and was involved in orchestras, string quartets and piano performances. She works with musicians, creative professionals and a wide range of patients with hand and upper limb problems affecting their work and daily life, as part of the team at Six Physio.