Dr Gabriella Romano

Services, therapies, and modalities
Music / arts / performance health, CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Group therapy, Individual therapy, NHS consultations (including Choose and Book), Sleep Psychology, Teaching / coaching / education
Regions Covered
London, South East, Online/Telephone/Remote
Brighton / London / Online
HCPC; BA Psychologist; MSc Developmental Psychopathology; Doctorate in Clinical Psychology; Advanced Training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia
Registration, insurance and DBS checks
Current professional registration, insurance and DBS confirmed
Information (Note: telephone numbers are available via BAPAM helpline)

Dr Gabriella Romano is a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in Sleep Disorders. She works with adults struggling with their sleep on issues like insomnia, stress management, anxiety, depression, irritability and low mood, and fatigue.

I am a Clinical Psychologist with a specialist interest in the non-pharmacological treatment of insomnia and sleep disorders. I offer individual and group therapy mostly online. I work with patients to explore the route causes of tiredness, exhaustion, excessive sleepiness, mental unease and use evidence-based approaches to alleviate these, signposting to other experts in the field when needed. I also offer advanced teaching and training to staff groups seeking to enhance their knowledge on sleep and health professionals who would like to develop their clinical practice.

Gabriella uses techniques including CBTi (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia). This approach is most likely to be beneficial to someone who is in a position to wake up at the same time every day for a period of time, so it is not likely to be an effective treatment for people who are currently touring.

Gabriella has 20 years experience of working in academic, community and specialist NHS departments both as a researcher and practitioner psychologist. She is also a singer and a songwriter with experience of performing in front of small and large audiences. She has experience of touring, managing large bands, events and stage management.

CBTi is available for both individuals and groups.

Gabriella practises privately (sleeppsychologist.co.uk) and on the NHS.

The team that Gabriella works with on the NHS are based at: Insomnia and behavioural sleep medicine clinic : University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (uclh.nhs.uk). To be seen as an NHS patient, you must be referred by your NHS GP.