Chloe Rowlatt

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Music / arts / performance health, Dance medicine and healthcare, Exercise, Singers and professional voice users, Teaching / coaching / education, Technique / ergonomics / posture / instruments / props / equipment
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East, London, North London, Online/Telephone/Remote
North London - near Finchley / Barnet / Edgware, plus Norwich
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy - First Class - 2020 BA ( Hons), Dance - First Class - 2016 APPI, certified Pilates Instructor - 2021
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Chloe Rowlatt is a physiotherapist who has also toured as a dancer with the Ballet West Company, Scotland. She has coached the GB contemporary soloist to the World Cup in Portugal and has taught dance workshops in South Africa in less economically developed areas.

Through her dancing, Chloe has a strong understanding of ballet technique and of its demands on the body. As a physio she does specific rehab towards ballet goals and movement, and deals with dance injuries in all genres. She is currently training as a Vocal Physio.

Chloe uses Manual therapy and works with clients on Pointe Shoe Screening, ESWT, Acupuncture, Dry needling, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Cupping, Exercise prescription and rehabilitation, 1-1 Pilates for dancers, Clinical Pilates, Performance technique, Ballet technique, Dance technique, and specific rehab for a return to class.

"I know the pressures on both mind and body and how these both interact as well as how this is sometimes missed in training and working. Having been a dancer quietly carrying injuries, retraining as a physiotherapist has allowed me to full circle back into the industry and enables me to help other dancers have long healthy careers".