Pain Physiotherapy

Address: Chelsea, London / New Malden
Broad Category:
Services, therapies, and modalities:
Pain management / Chronic pain, Teaching / coaching / education
Regions Covered:
London, Central London, West London, South East
P2000 Dip Adult Nursing, BSc (Hons) Sport Rehabilitation & Sport Science, BSc Physiotherapy, MSc Pain, MCSP, HCPC
0203 723 9099
07932 689081 & PA: (Jo) 07518 445493

Richmond Stace is a Specialist Pain Physiotherapist who works with performance professionals and others who are struggling to overcome persistent and chronic pain and movement problems or disorders. He is experienced working with multidisciplinary colleagues to address complex physical and psychological support needs. His approach combines coaching and clinical care to support clients through a pain management programme tailored to their needs. Richmond’s practice is most relevant to people who:

  • have had pain and problems for a long time
  • have seen many doctors and therapists
  • can’t live the life that they want – home, work, play
  • have pain that they don’t understand
  • are not getting better
  • have pain that won’t go away
  • are scared of their pain
  • feel stuck and miserable

His aim is to help people:

  • understand their pain
  • know how to get better
  • focus on the ways of overcoming pain
  • learn the skills of well-being
  • perform in life – at home, at work, at play
  • get better and live meaningfully

Richmond is a Chartered Physiotherapist and registered with the HCPC. Originally training as a Registered General Nurse (Brighton University) in the early 90’s, he developed an interest in pain whilst observing the varying responses in recovery after operations. He continued to train as a physiotherapist (Kings College London), and has a further degree in Sport Rehabilitation (University of Surrey) and a Masters Degree in Pain Science (Kings College London).