LMT Laryngeal Manual Therapy / Vocal Massage

Address: Kenilworth, Warwickshire / Coventry
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Services, therapies, and modalities:
Music / arts / performance health, LMT Laryngeal Manual Therapy / Vocal Massage, Singers and professional voice users
Regions Covered:
West Midlands
Sports Massage Diploma level 4
07866 262 406

Charles Ward is a former professional session singer who trained as a Massage Therapist who continues to be a keen songwriter, guitarist and singer. He has a special interest in working with voice users including singers, actors and public speakers. He has been treating high profile singers since 2014 and has treated artists on tour at music venues around the UK. Charles provides vocal massage and Laryngeal Manual Therapy (LMT), and has helped many performers with problems including vocal fatigue, muscle tension dysphonia, physical symptoms of stress and anxiety, poor breathing and technique, as well as general maintenance and injury prevention. Charles has published articles for the Voice Council and presented for various Music Colleges and Universities, as well as for The British Voice Association in relation to LMT. He understands the importance of vocal health, how precious and essential the voice is, and the impact that it can have when things go wrong. Charles is also expert at diagnosing and treating sports and musculoskeletal injuries and is a keen cyclist.