Mr Will Roberts

Types of Services/Therapies: Group therapy, Integrative Arts Psychotherapy
Regions Covered: London, South London, West London
Qualifications: MA Integrative Arts Psychotherapy, BA Hons Music
Located in/near: Brixton and Notting Hill, London
Mobile: 07960 788 581

Will Roberts is an integrative Arts Psychotherapist and musician working with individuals and groups, helping address problems including depression and anxiety (often related to precarious gig-economy work), social anxiety, performance anxiety, loss of confidence and personality disorders. He is also experienced working with recovering alcoholics, addicts and vulnerable patients.

‘My background as a professional musician working in many areas has helped me to develop a particular affinity for and understanding of the mental health issues that are common in the field. I am aware of the strain and pressure that working in the arts can have on individual’s mental health’.