Mental health is complex, and mental ill-health varies from performance anxiety, generalised anxiety and depression to more complex, enduring or acute conditions. There is no “one size fits all” solution.

Mental health support for musicians

BAPAM provides mental health and psychotherapeutic support to eligible musicians, with funding from Help Musicians under the Music Minds Matter initiative. We have published a new Patient Information Sheet for musicians who contact us with mental health concerns, or are referred to us from the Music Minds Matter Helpline, and who may receive mental health support from a BAPAM therapist.

Mental health support for all working in the performing arts

Actors and creative practitioners who are Equity members may be able to get mental health support via the Equity Counselling scheme, which offers up to 6 funded sessions of therapy. Call the BAPAM Helpline on 020 8167 4775 or email for more information.

All those working within the performing arts industry can get free, specialist health advice in BAPAM clinics and may also be eligible for financial and practical support from the organisations listed in our Financial-and-Practical-Support factsheet.

Patient Information Sheet: Mental Health Support for Musicians and the Music Minds Matter Scheme