As a companion to our Healthy Practice Webinar Series, here are collected BAPAM resources to plan and sustain healthy creative practice:

Healthy Practice Diary
Knowing what you should do to keep healthy is one thing, this diary is aimed at helping you to adopt healthy practice as routine in your life.

Don’t Cramp Your Style: Warm-up Exercises for Musicians
All skilled physical activity, including music performance, should be preceded by a warm up to increase the blood flow to muscles, free up motion and prepare the body for effective activity. Here are some useful exercises to help you warm up before you play.

Fit to play
Top tips for instrumental musicians

Fit to sing
Vocal health is about mind and body as well as voice

Sensible eating for performers
Finding a healthy balance with the food you eat

Psychological Self-Care
Keep mentally healthy, enhance your well-being and achieve your goals

The drinks are on me
How do you manage stress, and how can you spot the signs of a drink problem?

I can’t go on
Managing performance anxiety (stage fright)

Choosing a Psychotherapist or Counsellor

Risky business
Situations that put the musician at risk

Don’t lose the music
Hearing loss and tinnitus

The acoustic guitar
Playing technique and ergonomics

The Healthy Pianist
Essential advice for piano and keyboard players

Musician’s Focal Dystonia
Guidance on symptoms, possible risk factors and management

Healthy Touring Checklist and Rider
Planning for a healthy tour

Sources of financial and practical support
Organisations who may fund specialist health care and provide other support

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