Current Scientific Research and Models for the Alexander Technique

A free online symposium outlining current scientific research and models for the Alexander Technique is taking place on Monday 18th May.

The event has been shared by BAPAM Registered Alexander Technique teacher, Dr Alison Loram and will feature research she did with her husband Professor Ian Loram, who will be presenting at the online event. It is for Alexander teachers, those who may be training and students. It’s been organised by Alexander Technique Science an online platform devoted to improving scientific understanding of the Alexander Technique.

This is a free online symposium featuring presentations, Q&A, and discussion from

This symposium addresses an urgent need for specific, up-to-date, science-based models to help AT practitioners to

  • Better understand what we are learning and teaching physiologically
  • Better communicate with scientists, medical professionals, and AT colleagues
  • Broaden the base of respect and understanding for our profession


Date: May 18th (a video version will be available after for anyone who cannot join live)
Time: 5 pm (UK time)