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Issues 1 – 6 of the BAPAM Journal are not currently available.

Issue 1 – Summer 2000

  • Rheumatic patches (Dr David Freed)
  • Structural misalignment: its effect on performance (Angela Caine)
  • Surgeons and musicians (Ian Winspur)
  • Voice and the actor (Ross Brittleton)
  • Performance Anxiety in classical singers and musicians (Elizabeth Wingfield)
  • Review of Homeopathy for Sports, Exercise and Dance (Emlyn Thomas). Review by Joseph Goodman
  • Review following a recent production of Benjamin Britten’s ‘The Turn of the Screw’ by the Royal Opera. What happened to the ‘good maternal object without paternal commitment?’ Review by Eileen Toibin

Issue 2 – Spring 2001

  • Tinnitus retraining therapy based on the Jastreboff model (Prof Jonathan Hazell FRCS)
  • Food for thought: herbal medicine and the performing arts (Sue Eldin)
  • Reflections on ‘Only connect’: Theme and Variations (Elizabeth Langford)
  • Performance pressure on show (Joyce Brend)
  • Fleisher Syndrome (Carola Grindea)
  • The Voice Olympics: working with performers (Christina Shewell)

Issue 3 – Spring 2002

  • Hand therapy for the musician: instrument-focused rehabilitation (Joan Warrington)
  • Why do we need to continue – and renew – our efforts to get Performing Arts Medicine accepted as a specialty? (Eileen Quilter Williams)
  • Causes and cures of focal limb-dystonia in musicians: a 5-year update (Prof Eckhart Altenmüller)
  • Dilemmas in voice problems in older singers: the end of a career? (Prof Willem Kersing)
  • Review of ‘Functional Disorders in Musicians’ (Prof Raoul Tubiana). Review by Ian Winspur
  • Review of ‘Shakespeare’s Physic’ (John Crawford Adams). Review by Dr Arthur Fowle
  • Assessment of Performing Arts Medicine in the new millennium (Alice G Brandfonbrener)

Issue 4 – Summer 2003

  • Performing Arts Medicine in the US in 2003 (Alice G Brandfonbrener)
  • ISSTIP course to train music medicine therapists (Dr Fiona Clarey)
  • Making connections: an introduction to the Alexander Technique for practitioners of performing arts medicine (Malcolm Williamson)
  • Setting up an occupational health service for the performing arts (Yve Corkett-Mayana)


Issue 5 – Summer 2004

  • Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy music (Dr Aaron Williamon)
  • A tribute to the work of the Music Hand/physiotherapist (Presented by Dr C Wynn Parry at the 10th International Congress on Musicians’ Medicine, Turku, Finland, 11-14 June 2003)
  • Dr Christopher Wynn Parry’s account of the Finland Conference
  • Noise at Work Regulations and their implications for musicians and their employers (Pauline Dalby)
  • Alexander Technique in guitar playing (Paul Anders Søgaard)


Issue 6 – Winter 2005

  • The secrets of the voice (Sigrid Agocsi)
  • Intelligent action: a scientific approach to movement (Debbie Malina)
  • Findings and recommendations from the UK’s second national enquiry into dancers’ health and injury (Helen Laws)
  • Hand therapy and musicians (Katherine Butler)


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