The countdown is on for BAPAM’s last Training Day of the year, which draws on experts from across the performing arts industry, medicine, education and research.

This year’s event takes place on Saturday 17th November in London and focuses on the Performance Environment. The multi-disciplinary day will include talks by expert speakers around topics like the risk involved in performance spaces and how to prevent injury or manage them if they do occur.

We’ll hear from a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who works with adult and child performers helping them with a range of issues, plus a Specialist Performing Arts and Sport Physiotherapist who leads the Environment and Lifestyle module for the Performing Arts Medicine MSc at UCL.

Other topics in the day range from the impact of intense rehearsals on those working in this industry, to the effect of busy performance schedules and touring on their well being. There will also be Clinical Audiologists from Musicians Hearing Services giving insights into how the performance environment can impact hearing, plus advice on various approaches to hearing protection.  The day will also feature a panel discussion around the varied experiences performers have of performing arts workspaces. In addition to the experts mentioned, other panellists include the head of the Association of British Theatre Technicians, as well as the coordinator of the world’s first ever disabled musician-led ensemble, Resound at Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

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