BAPAM is continuing to offer clinical services during the outbreak by telephone and video consultation. We regret that for reasons of patient and staff safety, and in line with other health services, we are unable to offer face to face consultations. We are very mindful that performers may be having difficulty accessing the normal range of healthcare provision whilst health service resources are focusing on patients with COVID-19, so we are expanding our services to provide interim support in the following areas and are very grateful to our practitioners for offering these services at a discounted rate for BAPAM patients. 

The BAPAM Helpline 0207 404 8444 continues to operate as normal and is staffed remotely by our admin team. 


Vocal Health 

For patients with vocal health problems, we would generally advise a referral to an NHS Professional Voice User Clinic. These are currently closed and we are very pleased that our Vocal Rehabilitation Coaches have agreed to offer a telephone/video advice session to singers unable to be seen by the NHS, to provide some support meanwhile. Please phone the Helpline to arrange a session. Actors with vocal health problems should be seen by a Speech and Language Therapist and are welcome to contact the SLTs listed in our Directory of practitioners. 


Mental Health 

We are still booking free assessment sessions with our doctors and clinical psychologists, and counsellors and psychotherapists on our Directory are available for online therapies if funding is available. Equity’s counselling scheme is still alive, and Help Musicians and the Royal Society of Musicians, as well as other charities, are still able to provide funding for therapies if applicants meet the criteria. 

In addition, BAPAM will be offering group therapy for patients where the assessment suggests that this would be helpful. 


Musculoskeletal Health 

Our hand and orthopaedic surgeons and our rheumatologists are still available for telephone or video consultations, as well as our physiotherapists and osteopaths. We are also able to offer follow up appointments during this time. Hands-on treatment/procedures, and physical examinations, are not available but clinicians will be able to provide support and advice on what to do in this interim period. Clinicians will also be offering joint consultations with educators so that performers can develop new ways of performing which do not exacerbate an injury but allow you to continue to practise.