The internationally renowned Pianist magazine has devoted a four page article on healthy piano playing and what to do when injury strikes, giving a nod to the work BAPAM has been doing in the field. The article written by journalist and former editor of Classic Fm John Evans is an insightful and honest piece from someone who has his own personal story of playing related injury.

He begins the article with a vivid description into his own painful experience as a second year music graduate playing the end of a challenging Chopin piece. He explains how he developed his own technique to the final double octave – which had served him on many occasions – until this particular episode. He admits that although it was a painful time he is in good company with many well known classical composers from Rachmaninov to Schumann being affected by playing injuries.

The article features input from several experts including Consultant Orthopaedic Hand and Upper Limb Surgeon Mr Ian Winspur, who devoted many years of service to BAPAM treating hundreds of musicians who have come through our doors. The piece covers the common conditions plaguing musicians, what help is available for them plus latest scientific research into musculoskeletal challenges faced by these performers. In addition there’s also lots of practical advice for avoiding problems from developing in the first place, as well as things to keep in mind as a musician in a more holistic way.

Meanwhile if you are in pain or have performance-related health concerns, contact BAPAM to arrange a free assessment with one of our expert clinicians.