BAPAM join Elevate Music Podcast to explore how musicians can prepare for a return to live performance after a break

In this final episode of the current series of the excellent Elevate Music Podcast, musician Lauren Aquilina talks about her experience of returning to live performance after taking a career break, following the release of her debut album, to focus on her mental health. Tour manager Suzi Green shares how she supports her artists so that they can stay fit and healthy while on the move, and BAPAM CEO Claire Cordeaux shares some of the common issues musicians are facing as they prepare for a return to stage following the pandemic and tells us about the helpful services which can be accessed for free.

Elevate Music Podcast / Back to Live: How Musicians Can Prepare (

The Elevate Music Podcast was created to help musicians improve their health and wellbeing, one episode at a time, and has explored topics such as mental health, voice care, preventing injury and managing pain, hearing, touring, finance, parenting, diversity and creativity.