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Why BAPAM is needed

Performers' health is well worth looking after

Love music? Theatre? Dance? While we enjoy the glitter, achievement and perfect end result, we don't see the immense physical and psychological demands behind the scenes.

Like athletes, performers need to be as healthy as possible and are especially vulnerable to injury and illness. If anything, performers have a greater variety and number of health problems than athletes: muscle damage, work related pain, hearing difficulties, voice loss, stress and anxiety.

Performing artists who encounter health problems are expected to be detectives, tracking down health care experts who understand their specific injuries. Meanwhile they can make their situation worse, because in an industry where most earn low incomes and are often self employed they dare not stop working or studying while waiting for specialist advice.

BAPAM is the only organisation in the UK delivering the specialist health support all professional and student performing artists need. We give free advice to actors, dancers, musicians, singers and all other performing artists, whether they are studying or working full or part time, as well as production crew, composers, conductors, sound engineers and more. BAPAM is unique, essential and irreplaceable.

How you can help our work

Despite the importance of performing arts to our economy, we receive no government funding. Supporting BAPAM is a great way to maintain the excellence of Britain's performing arts. Here's how: