Miss Linda Hutchison

Types of Services/Therapies: Music / arts / performance health, Singers and professional voice users, Teaching / coaching / education, Technique / ergonomics / posture / instruments / props / equipment
Regions Covered: London, South London, South East, Online/Telephone/Remote
Qualifications: BAPAM VRC Competencies met
Located in/near: London, Lewisham / Sidcup
Telephone: 020 8302 3778
Mobile: 07425 160 031

Linda Hutchison is a specialist Vocal Rehabilitation Coach and singing teacher working privately and as part of the pioneering NHS Multidisciplinary Voice Clinic team at Lewisham Hospital. Her coaching work with singers addresses pre and post-operative voice problems, muscle tension imbalance, breathing problems, related emotional and psychological issues. Linda was a professional singer for many years before taking up teaching so she possesses a wealth of practical knowledge of the profession.