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JJoin our health specialist practitioner directory

The BAPAM Directory lists health care practitioners and specialists who have the expertise and experience to help performing arts professionals and students overcome problems relating to their work, and are suitably qualified, registered and insured.

The BAPAM Directory:

Ensures high quality, accessible care for arts professionals.

Enables a growing network of committed peers, knowledgeable about health care needs in the performing arts industry, and connects expert practitioners with performers, arts professionals, students, educators, employers, and support organisations.

Supports individual practitioners by helping share information about services, events or resources of relevance within a performing arts health and welfare setting.

Engages health care practitioners in education and training initiatives, encourages sharing of resources and information and facilitates meetings and networking supported by BAPAM publicity and charity discounts on venues. We provide specialist training in key elements of performing arts medicine and offer low cost access to all of our events for BAPAM Registered Practitioners.

*Download our application pack for detailed information on becoming a BAPAM Registered Practitioner.

*Find out about Performing Arts Medicine training and professional development