Postgraduate psychodrama psychotherapy trainee, Alan Powell, is seeking professional or student performing artists who would like to take part in group therapeutic work focusing on building personal resources through spontaneity and improvisation, with the aims of changing responses to unwanted patterns, and increasing creativity. Alan previously studied humanistic integrative and psychodynamic integrative counselling, achieving certificates in both, and is currently in his third year at The London Centre for Psychodrama. All group work is supervised by a registered UKCP training supervisor.

Alan has a passion for working with performers and says:

“Having been a director of educational drama and acting instructor for the past 15 years I have always loved the collaboration that transpired from working with actors. I am now qualifying as a psychotherapist in the very creative therapy of psychodrama which is fashioned after improvisational theatre.

Group psychodrama is an action method and allows for group participation. It was created over 100 years ago by JL Moreno, a psychiatrist, social scientist and lover of the theatre who immigrated from Vienna to New York. Psychodrama explores the shadow self and beliefs that create barriers to fulfilling our potential and enriching the range of our emotional lives. The approach is therapeutic and thus personal to each actor. In fact, its ethos is very similar to other acting techniques and approaches to character exploration. Psychodrama focuses on reducing anxiety and stress and increases spontaneity – one of the most powerful tools an actor possesses yet a lot of time is under resourced. The group process is designed to help the actor be more present and authentic in their lives and hence in their performances.”

Participants will first work with Alan on a series of three free, confidential 50-minute online one-to-one consultations. The consults will involve some history-taking and discussion around current issues that you would like to explore in greater depth, in a group setting. The time will also be used to engage creatively, sampling some of the techniques in psychodrama. There is no obligation to continue after the first, second or third assessment. If you decide to continue onto the group sessions a commitment will be required for the first block.

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These sessions are provided independently of BAPAM. Alan Powell is a student member of UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) & BPA (British Psychodrama Association) and is supervised by a registered UKCP training supervisor. The London Centre for Psychodrama is a member organisation of the BPA which is accredited and governed by the UKCP and follows their Code of Ethics.