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Free health-assessment clinics

*To arrange an appointment call 020 7404 8444
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

BAPAM’s expert clinicians understand the demands of a performing arts career and give free medical advice about problems including playing-related injuries and pain, tension, hypermobility, voice problems, performance anxiety and stress.

Our clinician will assess your work related health problem and give you advice on how you can manage and improve it. You will be seen by a medical practitioner with specialist knowledge of the demands of a career in the performing arts. BAPAM is a non-profit health care organisation and our clinicians are either volunteers or provide their services to us at a reduced rate.

If you need further advice or treatment, we aim to provide information about a variety of suitable services. Health care practitioners with appropriate expertise may practice at BAPAM, on the NHS or privately. With your permission, our clinician may write to your GP or another practitioner, outlining their assessment, advice and recommendations. Some private practitioners offer treatment to BAPAM clients at reduced rates.

If you are considering seeing a practitioner who charges a fee, we can give you information about sources of financial support. Full time music students may be eligible for the Help Musicians UK Music Student Health Scheme. We are not able to offer financial help ourselves.

Please read our Patient Services Contract for more detailed information about your care as a BAPAM patient.

Your feedback is absolutely vital, enabling us to monitor and improve our service. After your appointment, please complete this anonymous online form:  

Useful documents:

Patient Services Contract (detailed information for patients)

BAPAM clinics feedback form (anonymous online survey)

Access to Medical Records

Data Protection


All of our governance policies can be found here: key policies