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Become a friend of BAPAM


Britain is a world leader in performing arts and entertainment. Performing artists and technical crew are highly skilled but work in a competitive industry, often on low incomes and under immense physical and psychological pressure. Illness or injury can lead to stress, financial hardship and even the end of a promising career.

Becoming a Friend of BAPAM is a great way to give a regular donation and help us keep the UK’s vibrant performing arts scene in good health.

Friends receive priority booking for BAPAM events such as fundraising concerts and performance workshops as well as our free online newsletters.  

BAPAM is a unique non-profit organisation helping performing arts professionals and students overcome work-related health problems arising throughout the course of their career. We provide clinical assessments and information as well as educational programmes on healthy performance practice. Demand for our services is rising year on year.

BAPAM receives no government funding. We are able to offer free and accessible services thanks to our dedicated clinicians, charitable grants, donations and gifts.


Individual membership is £50 per year payable annually by Cheque/CAF voucher or Standing Order.

Please complete the Friends registration form and return to us either by post or email. Our contact details are on the form.

Thank you!

Friend of BAPAM application form