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BAPAM has a programme of research and evaluation to underpin its mission of promoting performers' health. This page provides details of our research activities and the range of initiatives we are developing to evaluate our services and to support best practice in the field of performing arts medicine both in the UK and abroad.

Enquiries relating to BAPAM's Research activities and policies should be directed to Dan Hayhurst, Clinics and Development Officer, via email to

  • BAPAM News posts tagged 'Research'
  • All research projects supported by BAPAM are covered in the News section of our website. Check the 'research' category archive here:

  • SERAG Membership
  • A list of members of the Service Evaluation and Research Advisory Group can be found here: Who we are
  • Research Policy
  • Detailed information about BAPAM's Research Policy can be found here: Research Policy 2012 (pdf)

    Click diagram to enlarge or download (pdf):

research decisions flowchart