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These posters are no longer available. Please check our health resources here:

The posters be displayed singly or as a group, depending on how much space is available and who is likely to see the noticeboard. They can go in teaching rooms, green rooms, band rooms, on Health & Safety noticeboards – wherever they are likely to be seen by professional and student performers.

The posters are free – though of course we would be delighted if you would make a donation. You can have as many as you think you can use.

*Online publications order form

BAPAM poster - trumpeter BAPAM poster - dancer
BAPAM poster - pianist
BAPAM poster - violinist BAPAM poster - Flautist
BAPAM poster - On Tour BAPAM poster - Piano Lesson
BAPAM poster - Stage Fright BAPAM poster - Juggler
BAPAM poster - Drummer BAPAM poster - Lost Voice

*Online publications order form